Friday, August 5, 2016

ADGA Union County Fair Results

LaGrande, OR

The Union County Fair was a great 2 ring ADGA sanctioned show. It was laid back, and different from any other show we had ever been to. I would recommend it to anyone in the Northwest. The show was held in the grass under tents, and we just hung around the tents with the amazing weather. The first ring was pretty awesome. The judge, Patricia Walker, gave our girls these scores:
Pita: 5th in Class
Ruby: 3rd in class
Pearl: 1st in Class, Reserve Grand Champion, Best Udder in Breed

The second ring judge was Dan Green and after judging the girls he said Pearl's udder was the best he had ever seen. That was a huge compliment to our Pearl. Here are his scores:
Pita: 1st in Class
Ruby: 2nd in Class
Pearl: 1st in Class, GRAND CHAMPION!!!!, Best Udder of Breed, and she won the Champion Challenge!  (Pearl only needs one more Grand Champion leg to finish her as a Permanent Champion.)

Pearl with her Grand Champion Ribbon

Pearl winning Champion Challenge

Ruby looks great, and is so easy to show.

Ruby's Udder ready for the show.

Pearl in Best Udder competition.

Pita moved up from 2nd to 1st!

Udder view after the show.

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