ADGA and AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats on 

Rakkasan Ranch  Sales Info:

  • All Rakkasan Ranch goats one year and over are tested annually for CAE, CL, Johnnes, Brucellosis, and TB.
  •  We will not sell any goats with any symptoms of illness. Herd health and biosecurity are more important than a sale.
  • All goats will be tattooed, disbudded (if not polled), current on vaccinations, hoofs trimmed, dewormed, and given the proper supplements for optimal health.  
  • $100 deposit down for reserving a kid. The remaining balance of half the price of the kid after birth, and the balance paid in full before taking the goat home. If your reservation could not be filled (death, not enough kids, wrong sex) you will be refunded, or you can roll the deposit over to a future kid. Otherwise your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • We take Paypal, cash, or check by mail. Reservations will not be final until check clears. Please contact us for Paypal info to insure we reserve the right goat. 
  • Buyers are responsible for transport costs and vet health certificates if crossing state lines. 
  •  We will hold a kid for no more than 12 weeks. After that, you will be charged a boarding fee that we can arrange depending on circumstance. 
  • We will not sell a single goat purchase to anyone who does not already have goats. Goats are herd animals and need to be with other goats.
  • All our kids are dam raised for the first week, then bottle raised unless you specifically request otherwise. We believe the dam and daughter bond is important for them to learn the basic instincts of future mothering.
  • We can NOT guarantee the health of the animal once it leaves our farm. We love to answer questions, but please be informed and have basic knowledge of goats before purchasing. We are here to help the best we can.
  • If you decide to sell a Rakkasan Ranch Goat in the future, we will have the first right of refusal. Meaning, we will have the option to buy the goat back before it is sold to someone else. 


 Click here to make your $100 deposit on your goat.

Queen Beatrix
(Kiowa Queen x Tahoma Quinn)
 Kiowa has one Champion leg and Tahoma has a Reserve Grand, and his progeny does have received legs.

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