Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Update

June was busy for us! We purchased three does and a buckling to add to our herd. Not just any does though... We were SO fortunate to be able to bring Pearl and Ruby's moms to our farm! Bramblestone Farm was kind enough to sell them to us, and it has been a very unique experience to watch the girls reunite with their mothers. There is something very special about animal familial bonds, and goats are social animals with beautiful family ties. We feel blessed to see them reunited and happy together. 
SG *M AR Wildwind Farm R Bit 'O' Honey *D (Ruby's dam)
(This is after milking, and the only photo not blurred)
3*M AR Old Mountain Farm Hot Tea 3*D (Pearl's dam)
(Dry, she took a year off)

We also bought Princess Buttercup, aka P.I.T.A. Can you guess what the acronym stands for? Well, she isn't all that bad, and she has a great attachment. She also milked over 4 lbs on her last test and she is only 2, so she will earn her milking star this year! We are happy to add her to Rakkasan Ranch. 
Sans Gene Princess Buttercup
Our buckling also came from Bramblestone Farm and I will update his info once we get pictures of the handsome little guy.

We also went to two shows in June. Rakkasan Ranch Kiowa Queen (Ruby's kid) earned her first championship leg as Grand Champion Junior Doe at the Logan, Utah show. The following week, 4*M Bramblestone Pal Pearl Tea won Best Udder of Show in Kennewick, WA at the Wine Country classic. 
Pearl with her trophy

The udder that won the show!
Kiowa with her first leg Grand Champion.