2017 Breeding schedule is tentative, and the dates will become exact as we get confirmation of pregnancy. Does and bucks are the same price, starting at $400. Designations and awards will increase in increments as described:
$50 per championship leg
$50 for Superior Genetics
$50 for milking star
$50 for 800 lbs or more of milk (DHIA)
$50 for 86 and over Linear Appraisal OR  $100 for 90 and over Linear Appraisal 

Click on the Doe's and Buck's name to get more details of awards and production information.

Does & Bucks
Doe summary Buck Due dates  
Hot Tea
    SG, *3M, 90(EEEV) 
      SG, *M, 89(VEEV) Apache March 
          2*M, 87(VVEV)  Apache  Late Feb    
    SGCH, 4*M, 88(VEVE)  Rubicon
 Late Feb
                       83(+V++)  Apache  April      
 Granny's Pearl
              first breeding  Rubicon  Late April      
 Desert Belle               first breeding  Tahoma

The prices may change as the showing, DHIA, or other awards are given. Designations of price increase come from either sire or dam, or both. 

If interested in reserving a doeling or buckling from this list, please contact us at $100 refundable deposit required to hold reservations. 

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